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Children playing in the waiting room at Mobile Premier Pediatric Dentistry LLC

"Dr. Baldy is an absolute blessing to me and my two girls. We have been seeing her for 9 years. She is so nurturing and kind to the children. She is the best dentist in town! She takes time to know and love on each child and make each one feel special and loved! We couldn't ask for a better, more thorough dentist. She takes the time to explain information really well. It is an honor and privilege to know her as a friend and a dentist. My kids absolutely love her!"

- Renee

"Dr. Baldy is amazing! Our little 3 year-old girl, Abby has been through 3 major surgeries and suffered emotional shock because of them. Any time she is put in a situation that is new and in a medical setting, she begins crying and panicking. She is so pitiful and it just wrenches our hearts out to watch. However...when we took Abby to have her teeth cleaned, we were pleasantly surprised at Dr. Baldy's ability to calm her down and engage her with what was being done. Abby stopped crying and actually enjoyed her time with Dr. Baldy, even talking about her later in the day after she woke up from her nap. We feel so blessed as parents to have found a dentist for our precious Abby that is loving and compassionate. Thank You Dr. Baldy!"

- Jawanna

"I brought both of my children in for a cleaning and eval and had a very short wait in the waiting room before both kids were called back. I then ran an errand and the receptionist called me when they were ready. The staff was very nice to do that for me and both of my kids liked their dental hygienists. I enjoyed talking to Dr. Baldy and she was informative about what needed to be done to ensure good dental health for both of my children. Overall the visit went well for me and my children"

- Shannon

"I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I have been with you and your office staff. When we started coming to see you over 5 years ago, Avery was very fearful of the dentist. You have helped him overcome that fear, as well as help his teeth tremendously. Your suggestion of the spacer, as well as, a first round of braces have made a huge impact. The look of his teeth is 100% better! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

- Nancy

"Dr. Baldy has been my children's dentist since they were toddlers. My kids are now 15 & 14 and they still love her to death. Dr. Baldy and her staff are always very professional and courteous. She is not only a GREAT dentist, but also a GREAT friend! I think my kids will still be using her as a dentist when they are 30."

- Jeff

"This was the first time our Dion has had a check-up with no cavities! Dr. Baldy and I had talked before about not allowing chewy snacks such as gummy candies and fruit snacks. This came on the heels of Dion having 5 teeth filled due to cavities. We finally got it through our heads and cut out the chewy snacks. Dion was on board with the idea and even turned down his friends offers of candy. Today I am happy to say that Dion had his 6 month check-up without a cavity in sight! It just took an ounce of prevention to receive that pound of cure!"

- Kristi

Dr. Baldy and the entire staff is always pleasant, everyone greets with a smile and shows patience with my son. My son has autism and he is frighten every time he comes to the dentist office and the staff handles him very gently and professional. Thanks to everyone for doing a GREAT JOB!

- Traci

My son has always been afraid of the dentist. However, once we switched to Mobile Premier Pediatric Dentistry he can not wait for his next appointment. The staff are so friendly and patient. They took very good care of my little one. And I would highly recommend them to everyone.

- Chasity

Love ya'll!

Thank you so much for take care of my little girl and making her first dental visit a great experience! Ya'll are awesome!

- Rebekah

My daughter had to have pre orthodontic treatment done ( partial braces) and Dr. Baldy and her staff were wonderful. They explained to me how to take care of her teeth post appointment and what to expect over the time that she will be treated. The staff is very friendly and informative.

- Brandi

Fabulous experience!

Having had traumatic dental experiences as a child, I was anxious about my son's first cleaning. However, the staff went over and beyond my expectations and made his experience a lot of fun. There was no pressure to make him to X-rays for example that he wasn't cooperating with doing. They let me hold him for the cleaning and the playroom...what an awesome thing. It totally kept him distracted and let him take a break in between the cleaning and Dr. Baldy's exam. I so appreciated her popping into playroom to meet us before the exam and then she made the exam very quick, then let him go back to playing while she talked to me! Thank you to all the staff for making our experience a positive one!

- Marie

The staff was very welcoming and accommodating for my three girls and myself. We actually came on the wrong day and they fit us into their schedule perfectly! Love Dr. Baldy and the staff!

- Sarah